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Diet Expert Reveals All: "It's Like A Powerwash For Your Insides!"

Millions of Americans suffer from low energy, digestive discomfort, and trouble losing weight. Many also experience achy muscles and joints, skin problems, headaches, and even frequent colds.

"If you're experiencing any of these health issues, the real problem may be Leaky Gut," says Dr. Steven Gundry.

According to Dr. Gundry — who has studied leaky gut for over 20 years — certain foods can cause tears in our gut lining. This, in turn, allows toxins to enter our body that lead to digestive discomfort, food cravings, fatigue, weight gain, and even more health issues.

Fortunately, by simply stopping leaky gut, Gundry has seen thousands of people reduce and even reverse these troubling conditions.* Dr. Gundry himself lost 70 pounds after fixing his own leaky gut… and has kept the weight off for over 20 years.

"It's easy. You just need to know what foods to avoid," he recently told a crowd of over 1,000 people while speaking with world-famous self-help guru Tony Robbins, who is also his most well-known patient.

Now, for the first time ever, Dr. Gundry has created a short video where he explains everything about Leaky Gut, including how people can naturally fix it, on their own, right from home.

The video is presented below by Dr. Gundry, free and uninterrupted.

So far, the reviews have been stunning, with viewers saying their issues improved in a matter of weeks or even days.*

Watch the presentation here:

One viewer commented: "If this works, it's exactly what I've been praying for my whole life. I've never seen anything like this solution before…the truth about my diet was shocking and eye-opening."

Of course, Dr. Gundry's announcement was met with some hesitation. We spoke to some of the doctors who attended the conference, who advised that people keep their expectations realistic.

"It makes a lot of sense, and the science is sound,” said one nutrition expert. “But try it first. This is helping a lot of people, but it’s rare that you find one thing that works for everybody.”

Watch his presentation here.

*individual results may vary.

About Dr. Gundry

Dr. Steven Gundry is one of the world's most celebrated surgeons and author of the best-selling book "Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution." He is Director of the International Heart & Lung Institute in Palm Springs, CA, and the founder of the Center for Restorative Medicine in Palm Springs & in Santa Barbara, CA. Learn More